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Information On How To Reach Us, Our Suppliers & Receive Support & Service

General Assistance From Travel Insurance

Note: The policies via TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. and its related web sites offer are not available to citizens currently residing in the USA. If you reside in the USA and require coverage, please contact us and we will refer you to another associate.


International Medical Group (IMG) Plans - Travel & Health Insurance

International Group Insurance Plans

  • Refer to policy certificate and/or booklet or contact and note your name, employer, plan # and cert. #.


To Purchase Any of the Available Products or for Product Information and Assistance
Contact us at 604-628-0426 at 800-232-9415
Within North America at 1-800-2329415 (toll free) (9:00-5:00 M-F PST USA)

Outside N. America

Or contact via

fax: 1-604-913-1153
c/o TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd..
#1500 - 701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6  Canada

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For Assistance with Travel Insurance
For info and assistance about the web site contact: webmaster
For links, advertising, marketing, affiliates and promotions contact: David Tompkins
phone: 1-604-628-0426   fax: 1-604-259-0642  toll-free 800-232-9415

or Link To Us Page

For refund of premium for IMG products
(Patriot Travel Medical Insurance, Global Medical Insurance, Indy + Plus International)
IMG will refund premium only if a written request is received prior to the policy's effective date. The premium is non-refundable after that date.

For Pre-certification, Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation for IMG Products
(Patriot Travel Medical Insurance, Global Medical Insurance, Indy + Plus International)
Within the USA
Call IMG at
1-800-628-4664 (toll free)
Outside the USA
Call IMG at
(collect if necessary)
Call IMG for all outpatient surgical procedures, MRI's, CAT scans, inpatient admissions, durable medical equipment, transplants, and home health care services. For maternity pre-certification, notify IMG within the first 90 days of pregnancy as well as at the time of delivery. (call collect if necessary). IMG must be notified prior to treatment or within 48 hours of an emergency.

To report claims for IMG products

(Patriot Travel Medical Insurance, Global Medical Insurance, Indy + Plus International)

Please download the IMG Claim Form, fill it in completely and mail to IMG
(claim form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

IMG Forms Library

International Medical Group, Inc.
407 N. Fulton Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA
Please include Certificate Number in all correspondence.

IMG Policy Update Page - Use this page to update policy & address info.
IMG may also be contacted by fax: 1-317-655-4505

Travel Underwriters:

Travel Underwriters trusts OneWorld Assist Inc. to examine all insurance claims on our travel products. If you purchased a Travel Underwriters travel insurance product and need to make a claim, simply contact OneWorld Assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

From U.S.A. & Canada, call toll-free: 1-800-663-0399

From Mexico, call toll-free: 001-800-514-9976

Worldwide, call collect: 1-604-278-4108

Outside North America and Mexico: 800-663-00399 **

** To use this Global Toll-Free service, first dial the international access code for the country you are in, then enter the 11-digit toll-free number as shown above. Service not available in all countries. If you encounter problems accessing this service, please call us collect at 604-278-4108.

OneWorld Assist Inc. is comprised of a professional case management team, utilizing a highly-trained group of physicians and surgeons around the world to provide conscientious intervention at every point of contact.

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Note: Some of the products and services described or advertised on this site may not be available to residents of certain jurisdictions, depending on regulatory constraints, including Canada and the U.S. Please contact TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. sm for more information about your specific jurisdiction. The above coverage is NOT available to residents in British Columbia.

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